Crisis Clothing

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Crisis Clothing was started to help those in need after an immediate crisis. Too many of us have been through situations that leave us feeling alone and helpless, not even knowing where our next change of clothes will come from.

crisisSometimes bad things happen.  And when they do, we are here to help.  Fire, flooding and abusive situations can leave us with nothing in an instant.  The purpose of Crisis Clothing is to relieve some of the stress from a crisis by delivering clothing to those in a crisis situation.

The clothing we deliver is new clothing.  We are not a “clothing dropoff” or collection.  We provide a few T-shirts, a pair of sweatpants, a pack of underwear (and bra for women), and a pack of socks.  If needed, we will also provide shoes, sweatshirts and coats.  If there are infants in need we will also provide body suits (onezies), a pack of diapers, and a small blanket if neccessary.

We are located in Middlebury Center, Tioga County, Pennsylvania.  And we serve all surrounding areas including Mansfied, Wellsboro, Westfield and Elkland.  Or anywhere there is an immediate need that we can reach.  For more information about Crisis Clothing please email

If you or someone you know is in need, call:  (607) 383-0911